How to Get Your First Mortgage

There’s always a first on everything. Getting your first mortgage is a no surprise. Once you become an adult, mortgages, loans and banks will always be included in your vocabulary. A mortgage is a type of loan wherein the debtor uses his or her property, usually a house or land property, as a security for the debt. Failure to pay the applied loan or debt will give the mortgage company the right to seize the said property. You don’t want that to happen on your first mortgage. In order to avoid such money problem, read on for some pointers on how to get your first mortgage, a successful one, to be specific.

Check your money.  Before you imagine yourself being granted with a mortgage loan or before you start hunting down for mortgage companies, check first whether you can afford to pay the mortgage in the long run. Be sure that your income or money at hand can support you and pay the debts. The last thing that you want is getting stuck knee high with debts.

Better your bank account. Before your mortgage loan gets approved, the mortgage company will look into your money account first. The amount of money and the interest of the loan that you can get depend upon how your money account is doing. They will check your job income, your total assets and liabilities such as automobile loans, student loan and credit card debts. Based from these aspects, they will evaluate how much percentage of the loan they will approve. They are keen about your ability to pay your loan on time. After all, mortgage loans and banking is a strict business.

Have a credit check-up. Before starting another loan, make sure that your other debts are not pulling you and giving you money problems. Mortgage companies and banks will reject your application if you have outstanding debts. Checking your credit accounts will also help you review and proofread your transactions. There are times that you already paid a certain bill but it was not recorded in the books. This will pose problems during your mortgage loan processing.

Get pre-qualified and pre-approved. Getting pre-qualified is seeking for the lender’s approval based from your total assets and liabilities. But the transaction is informal and non-binding. The next step is getting pre-approved. Pre-approval requires a local bank or a mortgage broker wherein they also approve your loan based from the same criteria. It is also a non-binding process but a more formal transaction compared to pre-qualification. You can use them when applying for a mortgage.

Apply to a trusted mortgage company. Just make sure that when you are in the actual processing of your mortgage loan, you are taking risk with a trusted bank. A growing number of fraud banks are now exploiting more and more people and you do not want to have your first mortgage transaction with an illegal company. Just be extra careful and be responsible on your mortgage loan. Mortgages are for mature adults.


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